About Us

The worlds largest is a blog that will be one resource for everything large. There are 2 of of writing and we are both called Darren just to make things easy for you all.

So what is the worlds largest all about, well have you ever wondered what the biggest peanut was or to settle an argument on who is the largest country. Well we are here to answer those questions, so keep an eye on our blogs as we release new blogs on a regular basis answer all those killer questions. Is there something you want to know drop us a message and we can see what we can find.

So how did this site come about, it was all over a funny conversation we was having about the worlds largest wind chime, I was looking for more information and I couldn’t find the information to settle the argument easily. So that was the birth of Worlds largest, we plan to answer all the questions you need answered.

Thanks you from the 2 Darrens