The World’s Largest Lobster

The World’s Largest Lobster Facts

  • The largest living lobster is Rocky residing somewhere in Maine, West Boothbay
  • There is a legal size limit of the lobster one can keep
  • The largest lobster ever made is in Canada standing at 11 meters in length, 5 meters tall, and 5 meters wide.
  • The lobster weighs 55 tonnes while the entire sculpture with the staircase included weigh 90 tonnes.
  • The staircase on the pedestal allows tourists to climb the monument providing an amazing view of the town and enables one to take good pictures with the giant lobster.
The World’s Largest Lobster

Did you know that lobster is one of the most famous seafood in the world? In the United States, almost $300 million worth of lobster is harvested every year. However, there are rules regarding the fishing and eating of lobsters in the world. There are lobsters that are kept for food or eating and the ones that you have to release back in the sea. There is the legal size limit as the larger ones are considered to be more of a tourist attraction as compared to food. When you catch a big lobster, you can take pictures all you want and remove it from the sea, but it’s illegal to eat the lobster. The lobster must be released back into the sea where it came from.

When we talk of the largest lobster, there is the largest lobster ever made and the largest lobster ever caught. One is a statue, while the other one is a living creature. For those who have seen big lobsters, it’s a fascinating view.

The Largest Lobster Ever Caught

Holding the world record, the largest lobster ever caught was 44 pounds 6 ounces. The lobster officially called the Heaviest Marine Crustacean was caught in Canada off the coast of Nova Scotia in 1977. This is the current Guinness world record holder for the largest lobster caught alive. A lobster’s age is directly related to its size according to experts. This particular one was estimated to have been about 100 years old. This lobster is however dead and we have to dwell in the present, right? So which is the current largest lobster ever caught alive?

The Largest Lobster Ever Caught

Today, the largest lobster ever caught and it’s alive for that matter is Rocky. The lobster was nicknamed “Rocky,” and it has claws big and tough enough to snap a person’s arm. Weighing 27 pounds (12.25 kgs), the lobster was way past the legal size limit and had to be released back in the ocean. Rocky was caught trapped in a shrimp net back in February 2012. Due to his size, the shrimp dragger couldn’t keep him and instead, he donated Rocky to the Maine State Aquarium.

To help make it clear in mind on the size of this lobster, think of a 3-year-old child. The 40-inch male lobster was caught near Cushing, Maine, in the USA. He was caught at the seaside village of Cushing and due ti his size, he was donated to the Maine Aquarium. Rocky was so big in size and couldn’t be kept for food.

Rocky stayed in the aquarium for a few days before he was released back to the ocean. However, during his stay at the Aquarium, he had become acclimated to the waters here. Because of this, he was released in West Boothbay.

While holding the lobster, Elain Jones, an education director for the state’s Department of Marine Resources, said that all the weight is in Rocky’s claws. The kind of weight that could break an arm. The marine lab said this is currently the largest lobster ever caught in the state and anywhere else in the world.

The Largest Lobster Ever Made

Does the phrase “The Lobster Capital of the World” sound familiar? This is Shediac in Canada, and it was given the name for its lobster fishing industry. It’s also the proud host of the Largest lobster in the world, a concrete and reinforced steel statue. The world’s largest lobster is this statue located in Canada, done by Winston Bronnum. The statue is 5 meters tall and 11 meters long, weighing a total of 90 tonnes. It’s a concrete, fiberglass and reinforced statue commissioned as a tribute to Shediac’s lobster fishing industry by the Shediac Rotary Club.

The Largest Lobster Ever Made

Shediac is a town whose economy is run by fishing and primarily lobster fishing. In 1989, the Shediac Rotary club decided to erect a monument paying tribute to the crustacean and their economic activity for many years. The idea of a lobster monument fitted as it’s the mainstay of the town’s economy for a very long time.

The monument was erected to the Town’s logo and mascot, as well as a way to promote the tourism industry in the area.

The size of the lobster statue is amazing and the scene on top of the statue is simply breathtaking. It took three years for the artist to complete building the sculpture and it cost a total of $170,00. Its beauty and massive size helps attract more than 500,000 tourists per year from all over the world. 

At the base of the lobster, there is a plaque reading “The World’s Largest Lobster” The sculpture is well-positioned right at the entrance of the town. The hundreds of thousands of visitors coming to Shediac every year better not forget that lobsters are in charge.

As it’s a tourist attraction, visitors are welcome to scale the lobster’s perch. As it is huge and tall, taking a picture anywhere near the claws or head requires a person to scale the rocky perch beside the lobster. The giant beast is like a guard watching over the town from the entrance. Beside it, there is a life-size fiberglass fisherman in front of the lobster. The fisherman, just like the lobster, is watching over far and beyond acting like an unwilling majordomo.

This sculpture is the world’s largest lobster and it’s a nice treat for tourists and town visitors who enjoy this type of roadside attractions.

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