The World’s Largest Peanut

Peanut is a famous and nutrient-rich snack among many countries, being used widely in almost every household. Though it’s not a tough nut to crack, the race for being the world’s largest peanut is certainly one.

No, we’re not talking about any ordinary edible peanut, but the largest peanut monument in the world at present. There are numerous contenders, and it is really tough to decide which one takes the top spot. That’s why we are listing all the potential candidates for this position, and later on, we will conclude which one should get the honour of being the world’s largest.

  1. The Famous Peanut Statue of Durant (Oklahoma)
The World's Largest Peanut

Durant claims to possess the biggest statue in the whole world with a 3 foot and 18 inches long peanut. This one is soldered to a granite base and is made from 50 pounds of aluminium. 

Located at the corner of 3rd and Evergreen in Durant, it was unveiled on November 15, 1974. The famous monument has been dedicated to the Bryan County Peanut Growers & Processors. This monument was built at the cost $2500, and it’s a replica of an original Bryan County peanut.

At the front of the memorial is an inscription which reads, “DURANT: Home Of The World’s Largest Peanut And a Few Other Nuts.” There’s even a time capsule buried in front which is planned to be opened in the year 2023. 

Though it claims to be the most giant nut in the world, it’s not 100% true. Yes, it’s one hell of a statue in terms of size, but there are others way bigger than this. 

  1. The Peanut Of Floresville (Texas)
The Peanut Of Floresville

Wilson County in Texas has been a producer of peanuts for quite a long time, and their dedication can easily be observed through the grand peanut statue in Floresville. Situated at the grounds of Wilson County Courthouse, this 6-foot tall vertical statue of a peanut tells the story of its own.

Dedicated to the citizens & farmers of the Wilson County, this sculpture was raised by the Jaycees and Jaycee-ettes on October 10, 1970. It was built in the memory of the ‘Peanut King’ Joe T. Sheehy, a pioneer in the peanut farming sector who introduced Spanish peanuts to this region and made it famous. 

The statue looks like a snowman if seen from far away. It is built of cast-metal on a rectangular concrete base which supports it. It also has a sign on the right side which reads, “In loving memory of ‘The Peanut King’ Joe T. Sheehy who in 1916 experimented with peanut farming and introduced it as a viable crop to the farmers of Wilson County.” This sign was installed by the descendants of Sheehy.

  1. The Lesser-Known Peanut Statue of Pearsall (Texas)
The Lesser-Known Peanut Statue of Pearsall

Texas has been a leading producer of peanuts in the USA. Still, one could never imagine that the unpopular town of Pearsall might also be contributing to this yield. And how it can’t be when you have a giant piece of peanut in the city claiming this.

The 6-foot long horizontal statue of a peanut sits atop a white rock base, held by metal supports at the corner of FM 140 and S Treviño Street in Pearsall. There’s not much information as to when it was built or who was its founder, but it is a pretty popular place for tourists to take pictures with.

The sign below the monument reads, ” World’s Largest Peanut” and “55,000,000 Lbs. Marketed Annually” claiming that Pearsall accounts for the marketing of 55 million pounds of peanuts every year. Who could have guessed?

  1. Jimmy Carter Peanut of Plains Statue (Georgia)
Jimmy Carter Peanut of Plains Statue (Georgia)

The goober statue of Plains, the hometown of President Jimmy Carter, fails all in terms of size and is a strong contender for being the world’s largest. This classic masterpiece is 13-foot tall with a grinning face on the front, showing its tooth. It’s a hollow sculptor made by joining a series of wooden hoops covered with chicken wire, polyurethane and aluminium foil. 

This statue was erected in 1976 when Jimmy Carter visited Earnsville on a political campaign parade which was organised to honour the local peanut farmers. It was made by three different persons from Indiana, James Kiely, Doyle Kifer, and Loretta Townsend. Later it was moved to Plains to boast about the blooming peanut farming in the nearby areas.

Even after it came to Plains, it was moved to different locations as a permanent place could not be found. After witnessing its misery, the owner of Davis E-Z shop decided to place it in the front of his shop where it still sits at present. The shop and the statue, both are at 114, Buena Vista Road.

  1. The Lost Peanut Statue of Ashburn (Georgia)
The Lost Peanut Statue of Ashburn (Georgia)

The famous peanut memorial of Ashburn, Georgia used to be the most giant statue in the whole world before it was damaged by the Hurrican Michael in October 2018. Though it is no more standing as of present, it still deserves mention for its honour.

This piece of art was 10-foot tall standing vertically on a 15-foot cylindrical brick column. Situated at Exit 82 of Interstate 75, its structure was made up of a steel frame with fabric wrapped all over it. Below the statue, a yellow crown was placed, reading, “Georgia 1st in Peanuts”. 

It was designed by A R Smith Junior, and established on February 15, 1975, in the honour of Turner County’s peanuts. It was also dedicated to the memory of Nora Lawrence Smith, who was a member of Georgia’s Journalism Hall of Fame and editor of a local newspaper, Wiregrass Farmer. She died in 1971.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Michael which hit the state of Georgia in October 2018, this great memorial got severely damaged, and the whole structure fell down. There’s an ongoing fundraiser campaign to repair and erect this monument once again, but it is still miles behind financially.


Looking at all the options we have, it’s clear that the Jimmy Carter Peanut of Plains is the world’s largest peanut. Many would argue that it is built as a face and not a peanut. But it can be considered as our winner because, in the end, it is still a peanut.

The rest of the statues are also no less and are unique in their own way. So, if you are intrigued by peanuts, and it is one of your favourite snacks, you need to visit these memorials and pay respect to your favourite snack. 

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