The World’s Largest Pizza

Pizza is undoubtedly one of the most delightful pleasures in the world. To pizza lovers, it’s the best gift humanity has given the entire world. It has also made the history of being one of the most popular and most ordered food in American history. When it comes to being the world’s largest pizza ever made, there are disputes but one thing is for sure. Making a dish that is so delicious and big isn’t an easy task.

Worlds largest Pizza

The world’s largest pizza ever made is called Ottavia from the hometown of pizza, Italy. It crushed the previous record of the pizza made in Johannesburg South Africa topping the list and breaking the world record as the largest pizza ever made.

For pizza lovers, the size of this pizza comes as a shock. It’s scary to think of all the ingredients, time, and energy spent on making such a big pizza. The size of the pizza is another shocking thing. Remember the pizza was round in shape and all we can do is wonder, how did they achieve that? What ingredients were used and how was this record broken. Let’s dive into details.

Ottavia the Pizza

Ottavia was made by several Italian chefs. These are Dovilio Nardi, Marco Nardi, Andrea Mannocchi, Mattero Giannotte, and Matteo Nardi. It’s the world’s largest pizza and it was made in Rome, Italy on 13th December 2012 by the group of chefs. It took the chefs a total of 48 hours continuous to make the pizza.

largest pizza in the world

Putting the size into perspective, Ottavia the pizza measured 131 (40 meters) feet in diameter. The pizza covered an estimated area of around 13,580 sq. Ft. which is approximately 1261 sq. Meters. They named the pizza Ottavia representing an ancient roman emperor. He was the first Roman emperor who brought epic change in the history of the Roman empire. He was honored so many times as he brought the roman empire into a period of cultural and economic stability. Ottavia the pizza became the largest gluten-free pizza following the line of healthy food.

Ottavia was made using more than 1,500lbs of margarine, 420lbs of vegetable oil, 550lbs of rock salt and 50lbs of balsamic vinegar. The taste of the pizza, according to the public was as authentic as they come. The authenticity counted since it had to taste like real pizza instead of a giant baked dough with toppings and margarine.

Ottavia is currently the world record holder as the World’s Largest pizza. However, there have been attempts by other people to create the biggest pizza, longest pizza, and the world’s commercially available pizza.
Ottavia was created with a purpose not just to break the world record. Being gluten-free, the pizza was made to bring awareness to the celiac diseases which is the most common food intolerance in the globe. This is after the team of chefs noted that more than 135,000 people in Italy have the disease. On the other hand, they made the pizza for a great cause.
The pizza was not to be sold not even one piece. The entire pizza was distributed to the public and the leftover pizza (which was a lot) was then distributed to various charities in the country. The other purpose of cooking the Ottavia was to encourage people who are gluten intolerant. Cooking gluten-free food doesn’t mean these people have to give up tasty and delightful food such as pizza.

Come to think of it. It was fitting that the world’s largest pizza comes from Italy which is where pizza originates from. No other pizza tastes as authentic and delightful as pizza made in Italy.

World’s Largest Commercially Available Pizza

As anyone would guess, Ottavia was one of a kind pizza. No one else has attempted to make such a huge pizza and that also means you can’t have a bite of Ottavia today. This brings in the world’s largest and, commercially available pizza.

In Texas, a restaurant called the Moontower Pizza Bar created the largest ever commercially available pizza. Imagine having a pizza measuring 8ft by 2ft delivered to your door.

The pizza popularly known as The Bus for its rectangular shape can be delivered to your door after 48 hours’ notice. The pizza with one layer of toppings is going to cost you $300 together with tax. The Bus takes 30 minutes to bake and its made using dough whipped up from scratch and sauce. It’s then put inside a rotating oven where it is baked then delivered in a custom made box.

The Bus was made with spectacular awe. Before rolling the entire pizza into the oven, more than ten pounds of cheese and toppings are added. The toppings are, but not limited to mushrooms, onions, pepperoni, and green pepper. The amazing bit of this pizza is that it can be ordered and you can have a slice of the pizza today.

The World’s Longest Pizza

It doesn’t come close to the size of Ottavia the World’s Largest Pizza but it gives Ottavia a run for the record. The world’s longest pizza is a record out of the ordinary. The pizza didn’t have the regular circular pizza shape but it was rectangular. Spanning 6333 feet (1930 meters) and 3.6 inches long, it holds the record for being the world’s longest pizza.

The pizza is almost 17 football fields long and it was made using 17,700 pounds of dough and 3900 pounds of mozzarella cheese. The long pizza was cooked by a team of more than one hundred people and it was made within 54 hours. After the adjudicator from the Guinness world record affirmed its length and record, the public was given a taste of the pizza. The leftovers, which were a lot, were then distributed to charities locally.

The World’s Largest Pizza Ottavia was made as an inspiration. Imagine a pizza covered with 8,800 lbs. of tomato sauce and 19,800lbs of mozzarella. There’s no way they could bake the pizza dough altogether at once. To manage this size, the chefs had to bake the dough in more than 5,230 separate batches.

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