The world’s Largest Rubber Band Ball!

The largest rubber band ball weighed in at 9032 pounds, (4097kg)
It Was made by a man named Joel Waul and was determined in Florida, U.S.A., on the 13th of November 2008.
The measurement occurred throughout the events of Guinness World Records Day 2008.

To make this ball over 700,000 bands of all shapes sizes, these where then used for the rubber band ball. Mr. Waul began creating his rubber band ball back in April 2004. Joel named his ball ‘Megaton” as it stands 6 feet 7 in high.

worlds largest rubberband ball

Where is the Largest Rubber Bad Ball located Now?

Mr. Waul will undoubtedly find his driveway looks somewhat empty today…
For the ginormous rubber band ball, he spent 6 years making is no more there…

The young man waved off his huge work of art yesterday as a crane picked up and transported its 4,097kg bulk from his home in Florida, to a museum, having marketed it for an unrevealed amount.
Mr. Waul’s development was stated as the world’s biggest rubber band ball by the Guinness Publication of World Records in 2015.

Joel Waul was watching a tv program about what was then the largest rubber band ball, the ball was in a plane which were they opened up the back to drop it out into the desert. This was where he got the idea from years ago

‘ I just thought it was the coolest point I would certainly ever before seen,’ he stated.
The huge rubber band ball was approached by the Orlando-based Ripley’s which they then purchase and put it in there Believe It or Not museum.

The Vice president of Ripley’s, stated: ‘We already have the largest barbed-wire and string balls. This is now the holy trinity.

Can It Be Beaten?

For the past seven years, Waul’s document has gone relatively unchallenged. Yet that’s now transformed. In March, a 23-year-old Louisiana man called Will Love became figured out to break Waul’s record as well as construct an even bigger rubber band ball– one that is 20,000 extra pounds, which is 10 lots and also equal to the weight of about 5 autos.
Love has actually called his ball “Rubberto.” Today it only weighs a modest 50 extra pounds, yet Alliance Rubber Company is currently sponsoring Rubberto. The business sent out Love 250 extra pounds of rubberband as well as messages updates of Love’s development on Instagram.
” Today, his is 9,000 extra pounds, but I wish to make one that’s 20,000 pounds,” Love tells New Times. “I’m hoping that in 2 years, I’ll have it done.”.

worlds largest rubber band

Joel Waul, the present document holder, declined to be interviewed by New Times however appears to be reacting to the challenge. On social media sites, Waul informed his fans that next month he would start building a new rubberband ball. In a Facebook video from May 20, Waul states: “The rubberband has been postponed yet it’s all going to get done anyway … Ideally, a couple of even more weeks and also a [month’s] time … the building will begin and also they will recognize that the true rubberband male is, and also it’s going to be all excellent.”.

Waul was born in Jamaica, but a year later, on transferred to Brooklyn with his mother as well as an older sibling. When he was a young adult, they moved to South Florida. The Hacienda High graduate would undoubtedly take on obstacles on the internet. When somebody risked him to place 176 clothespins on his face, and afterward, he punctured he confront with more than 800 acupuncture needles. Waul came to be motivated after watching an episode of Ripley’s Believe It or otherwise! TELEVISION show in 2004 that included a one-ton rubber band ball dropped from a plane in the Mojave Desert. Waul knew he might construct a larger rubber band ball.
Back in 2004, the Guinness World Document ball was 3,120 pounds. In 2006, a man in Oregon constructed his very own ball that weighed 4,600 extra pounds and also came to be the new document breaker. Waul really did not quit. He made a decision to increase that record.

He maintained building. In October 2007, Ripley’s supplied to get the ball. Yet Waul declined. In 2008, Guinness officials verified that it weighed 8,200 extra pounds, which his ball was the greatest. But as the ball grew to be more than a thousand extra pounds, it became much more expensive. Waul would certainly invest greater than $2,000 on rubber bands. In 2009, Waul accepted the offer from Ripley to acquire it. Already it weighed 9,032 extra pounds.

Will Love states he developed rubberband balls for enjoyable in course since he was a tween. When Waul gained the world record, Will indeed Love remained in high school as well as enthralled at the race to construct the most significant ball. Yet after Waul climaxed, Love was dissatisfied that no person was testing him to establish a new document. “There utilized to be a lot of people online making rubber band balls,” Love says. “It appeared that all of a sudden, no one does it anymore.”.

Since Love is established to damage Waul’s record, it appears that friendly competition is developing on social media between the two rubberband ball fanatics. On one Instagram message, Love positions with his four-pound rubberband ball. The article is captioned: “4 pounds. Down. 9996 to go.”.
Waul reacted: “Better add a one, in front of that very first nine.”.
Love responded, “I stand fixed. 4 lbs. Down. 19996 to go.”.

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