World’s Largest Toy Museum Complex

Toys make life more interesting for kids who don’t understand a lot in this world. Life is easier with toys and parents can attest to this. Just like technology, toys do evolve. It’s hard to find the toys you used to play with as a kid being sold in the store. Take heart. All these can be found at the World’s Largest Toy Museum Complex.

The World’s Largest Toy Museum complex is located in Branson, MO. The museum complex is named the World’s Largest as there is no other toy museum complex in the world that can match up to it.

world's largest toy museum

Think of all your favorite toys that you used to play with as a kid. All of these are found here plus millions more. Even the toys you saw in a movie or TV back then, you can find them here. The world’s largest toy museum complex has toys ranging from the 1800s. The museum complex houses over one million toys from all over the world. These toys include planes, cars, model trains, dolls, Disney, superhero figures and much more.

The world’s largest toy museum complex is a proud host of six museums and millions of toys dating as far back as the 1800s up to the most recent including the Star Wars. It doesn’t matter your age but here, you are bound to find an attraction you can enjoy and appreciate.

Best museums in the world

The toy complex museum hosts six of the best museums here in Branson. These are:

  • Harold Bell Wright Museum

Harold Bell Wright was one of the most popular and most-read authors in the early 20th century. He had a passion for outdoors and the love of God as well. He shared all these in his numerous works of articles, movies, screenplays and novels.

His book “The Shepherd of the Hills” is what made Branson, Missouri, a great tourist destination. The Ozarks receive numerous visitors from all over the world today to see where this amazing story happened. The book was the second most sold book in the US after the Holy Bible. It was one of his most popular works being the second publication. All this and many other things can be found here in this museum.

  • National BB Gun Museum

Most people see BB guns in movies with scripts touching on the late 19th century and early 20th century. At the National BB Gun Museum, you find numerous collections of vintage BB guns. All of these have sentimental ads from their manufacturers such as Winchester, Daisy, and more. They also have informative displays making it a treat for people who love vintage guns.

For any BB gun enthusiast, the world’s largest toy museum complex has everything for you. This includes the western collection of Roy Rodgers, Dale Evans, Hopalong Cassidy, Gene Autry and many others. For those who love and maybe owned a BB gun in their childhood, looking at the different BB gun models here which the museum has to offer is a rejuvenating experience.

  • World of Checkers Museum

Are you a fan of checkers? Or maybe you have heard of Don Deweber also known as “Mr. Checker’s” He is an international checkers expert with his checkers expertise ranging from checker books to checker memorabilia. At this museum, you get to enjoy seeing his vast collection of checkers made from ivory, wood, pewter, cardboard, bone, marbles and flooring materials. There are checkers from the 1700’s in the museum and if you are a fan, you can also take time and play one game of checkers.

  • Stearnsy Bear Museum

This is a museum with a large collection of these special custom made bears. Stearnsy Teddy Bears have existed since 1981. They are specially handcrafted by the Stearns family of Stotts City here in Missouri. The internationally known family makes a Teddy Bear that is unique in its own way. Each of these toys have a one of a kind creation made of materials such as clothing, furs, stuffing, furniture, and jewelry, turning them into a custom made bear. Each Teddy Bear is unique in this place and it’s a delight for kids who love these toys.

  • Paul Harvey Jr Museum

Paul Harvey had special places he called home and these were recreated at the World’s Largest Toy Museum Complex. The museum recreates these places with many of his childhood artifacts and toys as well as original furnishing plus the toys of his wife Angel and their son. This is Paul Harvey’s Family home and visiting this museum is same as the family inviting you over to experience life in their home. Paul Jr wrote a book, A Child Reborn, which gives readers a firsthand hint inside their home as he grew up. The book is also available at the museum gift shop. The displays of his childhood treasures are so elaborate and extensive such that the rooms dedicated to them are named “Growing up in America in the 1950s.”

  • World’s Largest Toy Museum (Antique Toy Museum)

This is where all your childhood memories come to life and its so much fun. Visiting the museum is like experiencing every Christmas morning back in your childhood. Remember your childhood heroes? Shirley Temple, Groucho Max, Tom Mix and many others? This is where all these and many other antique toys are found. It’s a spectacular place with serene and memorable views taking you back to the 1800s then back to modern toys such as the Star Wars. Toys of all sizes small as a thimble and as big and original such as a full-size Rolls Royce.

Take a trip down your memory lane here at the World’s Largest Toy Museum complex. Everyone who sets foot in this spectacular museum with two buildings spanning over 26,000 sq. ft. is bound to enjoy themselves. It’s the place where you get to walk for hours and hours in awe. Here, you get to experience life as a kid in the 1800s, up to the modern age of the Star Wars. Everyone exclaims at the spectacular views inside the World’s Largest Toy Museum Complex in Branson, Missouri.

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