World’s Largest Wind Chime

Its located in CASEY, IL (Illinois) which is now home place to the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest wind chime.

The worlds largest wind chime comes in at 12.80 meters long, which consisted of five metal tubes which were suspended 14.94 meters from the floor. It was made by Jim Bolin In Casey, Illinois, US, on 15 Dec 2012

The lengths and weights of all specific pipes are:

  • 12.8 m
  • 220.61 kg
  • 11.89 m
  • 204.85 kg
  • 11 m
  • 189.09 kg
  • 10.13 m
  • 173.34 kg
  • 9.14 m
  • 157.58 kg

The Guinness Book of World Records has actually formally accredited that the giant wind chime, created in 2012 and based in Casey, Illinois, is the world’s biggest.

Worlds largest Wind Chime

The wind chime measures more than 55 ft from the floor to the top, 16 feet taller than the former record holder and also is constructed with 5 metal tubes which are suspended 49 feet from the ground. The longer part of the chimes is around 42 ft long, virtually 2 times the former world record of 23 feet. The total framework, consisting of the chimes, weighs in at 16,932 lbs.

Combining his fascination for wind chimes and also his expertise with the pipeline maintenance market, Bolin devoted more than two years to the create, complete design and also manufacture of the wind chime. Thanks to the joint efforts of numerous Bolin relatives. The largest wind chimes was officially measured on Dec 5th 2011.

The goal of the wind chime was to try and spark some interest in tourism in the area, said Jim Bolin. “Our family has been attempting to work out something to aid midtown,” he claimed. “Every community is defending a sector of some type. If we where to make our own, we will have more chances.”

He is enthusiastic that the wind chimes will begin even more tasks throughout east central Illinois and that, and hopefully people who are driving via on Old 40 to see all the wind chimes in their full glory.

Visitors are asked to sign the guest publication, situated on the veranda next door at the new Whitling Whimsy dining establishment, also don’t forget to take a photo and post it on Facebook.

How did they manufacture the Worlds largest Wind chimes?

Bolin, along with his Team BEI fabricators, took over two years designing, planning, as well as creating the wind chimes. once the wind chimes was all completed, the wind chime was transported to a new location, over to BEI owned land, Casey, il and since completion has become a huge tourist hots spot for all visitors.

Where can I see it?

The wind chimes is located just on the old US Route 40 in downtown Casey.

On both sides of the structure is religious symbols – 2 Jewish stars also 2 Christian fish.

The dream to make the World’s Largest Wind Chimes was inspired by childhood memories of Jim Bolin, the co-owner of Casey’s Bolin Enterprises. As a kid, Jim would listen to wind chimes at his Grandma Whitling’s residence.

next time you are in Casey you have to make a visit

What are a Wind Chime?

Wind chimes are simply a type of percussion music instrument created from suspended cyndrical tubes, poles, bells or other items that are often created from metal or wood. The tubes or rods are suspended along with some sort of weight or surface which the tubes or rods can hit when they or one more wind-catching area are blown up by the natural activity of air outdoors. They are generally dangled exterior of a structure or house as an aesthetic and also acoustic yard ornament. Considering that the instrument are struck according to the approximate outcomes of the wind flow blowing the chimes, wind chimes have in fact been thought about an example of chance-based songs. The tubes or rods may sound off one-of-a-kind pitches. They potentially can via the chance activity of wind, generate easy tunes or broken chords. Ok so now you understand what a wind chime is currently extra concerning the town

what else is there to know about Casey, Illinois?

When you visit Casey, Illinois it is like you open the door and have walked on the old television series Land of the Giants or if you remember film Honey, I Shrunk the Kid then you will think you are on grass looking up. The town of around 3,000 flaunts a few of the world’s largest tourist arractions, a selection of larger than life things made by neighborhood Jim Bolin to raise the profile of the areas and bring new tourists to the town.

Situated just about halfway between Saint Louis and Indianapolis along the Interstate 70, Casey was once just a gas stop, a place for vacationers to stretch their legs and take a break. Today, 1000s of tourists eager to see the globe’s largest wind chime, amazing rocking chair, also a large mail box, among other attractions. This was all started with the 48 foot tall worlds largest wind chime in 2011 has now expanded to a huge collection of worlds largest.

Why not spend a day of discovery in south central Illinois town. Let us know what you see when you are there.

Why not check them out, visit

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